Russian women seeking men abroad

Why do Russian women want to marry foreign men ?

How many interracial marriages you have seen? Plenty. How many of them were between Russian brides and foreign males? Majority. Yes, that’s the reality today; Russian women are increasingly tying knots with foreign men. There are definite reasons behind this phenomenon and we would try to explain that.

The universal reasons

There are a few universal reasons behind the increase in interracial marriages between Russian women and foreign men. As the internet is spreading and more and more people are using it for their daily needs, the choice of people is changing too. The world is shrinking and we are coming close to each other. Like women from other parts of the world, Russian women are also getting acquainted with other cultures and the gaps between different countries are reducing. The women are expanding their horizon and trying more options. If they cannot find suitable matches from their own society, they are trying outside. They are ready to take a risk and marry someone from another country to find happiness in life.

The social reasons

Due to the demography of the Russian society, it is practically impossible for some ladies to find husbands. The number of men in the lower age group bracket is less than the number of women. In fact, per 100 women, there are only 97 men in Russia. Thus, women run short of eligible bachelors.

Moreover, the life expectancy of men is lower than women. The Russian males are alcoholic and some are addicted to drugs too. This decreases their life expectancy. The war and diseases are other factors that make them die young. The Russian society is patriarchal in nature. The men are given excessive importance which makes them selfish. The women are never considered equal to the men.

Violence against women and children is high in the Russian society. Physical and mental abuse and domestic violence are a part of this society. In some cases, the women are not allowed to become financially independent. All these factors make the young Russian girls disinterested to marry men from their own country.

There are some women who have gone separated from their husbands due to ill-treatment. Since they know that most men from their own country are egoistic and misbehave with women, how can they trust them? So, these women mostly look for foreign men who can provide them with love and security. Moreover, in a patriarchal society, most men are not willing to marry a divorcee. Thus, finding a good partner is almost impossible for such women.

With high education and an exposure to the modern world, the Russian girls are also becoming independent. They seek love and respect from their relationships. Like their western counterparts, the Russian women also want husbands who would be their ideal partners. For ages, they have been relegated to the past, but now they also want to lead a respectful life.

When Russian women see other women marrying foreigners and leading a happy life, they are tempted to do so. Today, so many dating sites have come up that encourage people to break the stereotype and follow their heart. With the help of these sites, many people have found true love in their lives, in some cases outside their own community or country. All these are living examples that motivate Russian women to also date someone from another country and try their luck.

What Russian women expect from their partners

Respect. Love. Equality. Stability. Well, these are the most important things that Russians look for in their partners. Russian girls do not find these qualities in men of their country and so when they date foreign guys, they make sure that they get what they seek in a relationship. The Russian ladies are impressed by foreign men who shower their women with attention. They find men from countries of Europe and America romantic. They want to be pampered like the western women. At home, the girls from Russia are discouraged to pursue their career or become self-dependent. They desire men who would encourage them to reach their full potential. She looks for a partner who would be an ideal husband and stand by her side always.

Young Russian girls seek adventure in a relationship. They are moved by romance and love. To them, relationship with a foreign guy means fun and enjoyment. As they grow old, their demands also change. Mature women look for stability in a relationship. They want someone who would respect them and show affection.

Russian girls are serious about family and children. Thus, they look for partners who can be good fathers. Since they are not inclined to leave their husbands unless there is some serious issue, they want to marry guys who are affectionate, respectful, financially strong and mature.

There are many young Russian women who have migrated to the USA for highs studies. When dating, they prefer Americans as these relationships are enjoyable.

Thus, for general as well as socioeconomic conditions of Russia, the women of the country are settling down with foreign men. This is a trend that would only increase with time.

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