Bangkok guide for Single Men

Dating in Bangkok – the essential guide for a single man

The city features in the bucket list of most tourists. There is hardly any person who doesn’t wish to visit this city once in their lifetime. Even people who have visited it before want to come back. Yes, such is the charisma of Bangkok. The city offers visual delights that are hard to forget. Add to it the culinary tradition of the country and the charm of the people and you get a melting pot that has the power to attract everyone.

The best thing about Bangkok is that it has many layers. The city has architectural wonders that can spellbind you. The city also boasts of having the only floating market in Asia. Exploring the market on a boat is a life changing experience for some. Not to forget the famous bars and pubs that are a prime attraction of the city. In fact, for most tourists, they are the main reasons to visit Bangkok. The city is popular with singles who flock to it for Thai girls. Some want to experience wild sex while some look for romantic partners. Well, no matter what is your motive behind visiting the city, Bangkok would never disappoint you.

Thai dating – are you looking for love?

As I said before, single western men travel to Bangkok in search of love. However, not all are able to enjoy a successful love story. While some fall for prey to hookers, others fail to take the relationship forward. So, you need to be careful about choosing Thai girls and approaching them in the right way.

You should always remember that Thailand being a traditional country has different social customs. The girls are raised with a lot of taboos. They follow certain social traditions. Hence, you cannot expect the western ways of dating to work here. Winning the heart and trust of Thai girls calls for hard work and a lot of patience. Don’t think that I am trying to discourage you. I only want to make sure that you don’t experience a heart break.

Bangkok is a city of 6 million people and a majority of them are young. Most of this young population is girls who are looking for a mate. Yes, Thai girls are also interested in dating western guys.

The mature, educated, and self-sufficient women from Bangkok look for fulfilling relationships. They are interested in men with whom they can settle down. There is a group of young girls too who eye western guys because of fun and excitement. They want to go out with handsome western males to enjoy their time. Moreover, having western boyfriends makes them popular with their friends.

So, you need to pick your choice from this group. If you only have thrill in mind, the go-go bars and pubs would be ideal for you. You can make multiple trips to these places and enjoy the company of sexy and hot Thai girls who would satiate all your desires.

However, for more serious stuff like love, romance, and long-term commitment, there is a long way to go.

Generally, Thai girls make good wives. Since they are also eager to marry foreigners, the task is easier. However, you cannot expect everything to happen in a fortnight. Developing a relationship takes time. If you hurry up you may make a blunder and regret later on.

It is okay to get into casual flings and enjoy your time. However, if you are looking for a lifelong partner, you have to find the right girl and spend enough time with her to know whether she is ideal for you.

To know a Thai girl better, talk to her. Encourage her to share her hobbies with you. Try to find out whether she is also interested in marriage.

There are other practical issues that you need to deal like dowry. Sin sod is an age-old tradition under which the groom has to pay a dowry to get married to a Thai girl. The idea is that since the girl would be shifting to her new home and cannot take care of her parents when they get old, so the husband pays to make life easier for them. This may sound regressive to you but the custom is still practiced in Thailand. So, you need a handsome amount to pay to your in-laws to marry their daughter.

Moreover, Thai women are quite traditional. Some parents may not allow their daughters to migrate and expect you to shift your base. You need to sort these issues before marriage. Even if you get married and take your Thai bride to your home, she may want to help her parents financially. So, the financial burden would be always there for you.

Of course, not all girls are like this. Some Thai girls, who are educated and self-reliant, join jobs once they settle in the USA. They take care of their house and husband in spite of having a career as they are raised with these values. Strong family ties, loyalty, a sense of responsibility, and a sweet nature make Thai girls special.

Breaking the cultural barriers

Remember I was talking about the traditional Thai society? Being an Asian country, Thailand still follows a lot of social norms that have become obsolete in other parts of the world. As for example, the young boys and girls still stay with their parents. They get their daughters married to grooms of their own choice. The girls are expected to obey their parents and take permission to go out with anyone. This may surprise you, but even after marriage the men continue to stay with their parents and are expected to take care of them.

In such a society, Thai girls face a lot of restrictions to marry a foreigner. So, if you find a suitable Thai girl, you have to convince her parents to let her marry you. In fact, after only a few meetings, she would take you home to meet her family members. She would continue to meet you only if they give their consent.

Having sex before marriage is not common in this society. The women prefer to remain a virgin till they tie the knot. Although many women are coming under the influence of the western lifestyle and experimenting with their lives, the majority of the girls are still reluctant to indulge in physical intimacy before marriage.

Knowing these cultural and social barriers would help you to manage your expectations and also make your relationship successful. Remember, patience is the key to winning the heart of Thai girls.

Thai girls – how they are like ?

Superb. Stunning. Gorgeous. Yes, anyone would describe the Thai girls as beautiful, lively, sexy, and hot. However, that’s just the physical aspect. It is true that they are beautiful. Most of them are blessed with hourglass figures that make them more appealing. The svelte and sexy Thai ladies easily find their ways into the hearts of the western males who are not accustomed to seeing such beautiful girls in abound.

Apart from their physical beauty, their personality is also a huge draw for the foreign males. Usually, the Thai girls are very feminine. They are gentle, well-bred, and shy. They always behave like ladies. Seldom you would find them yelling or abusing in public. This feminine trait is mostly missing in western women and hence the western males go gaga over Thai women.

Thai girls from good families always pay respect to others. They are loyal and take their commitments seriously. They would never act frivolously or do anything that maligns the name of their families. Naturally, these types of girls are ideal for marriage.

Foreign guys who visit Bangkok in search of life partners look for these girls. Now, the question is where to find them and how to date them. Let us discuss that now.

Where to meet Thai girls ?

The bar is the best place to meet young and single Thai girls but you need to be choosy about the place to meet real girls. If you frequent the seedy bars that are notorious for sex trade, you would be meeting the hookers. There are a few upscale bars in Bangkok which are popular with the girls. They generally frequent these bars along with their friends to unwind. You would find them in groups, drinking and having fun.

Approaching these girls is easy as they also like to talk to strangers. Let your charm work on them and make them fall for you. After a few drinks and a nice chat, you may find someone special and plan to know her more.

Apart from the bars, there are other places also to meet Thai girls. The Lumpini Park is one such location which is thronged by young Thais. The shopping malls are also likely places to find beautiful Thai ladies.

The city also has many cafes and restaurants where you can bump into your ladylove. Relax, keep your eyes open and maintain eye contact with any girl who also shows interest in you. At the malls and in restaurants you can ask the girl for direction or her opinion on buying something. This way initiate the conversation and find ways to impress her.

How to date Thai girls

This is the most exciting part. Once you find a Thai girl, you need to spend time with her. Visit the landmarks of Bangkok with her. She would be able to suggest good places to hang out. Thai girls love to go out on dinner and hence this is the easiest thing to do. Either ask her for a suggestion or find good restaurants on your own where you can talk to her in privacy.

Thai food is great and hence you would enjoy dining out with her. Don’t forget to drop her home after dinner. Going to movies is also a good idea. Initially, your Thai girlfriend would be shy and may talk in monosyllables. Try to win her trust and help her to open up. It may take a few days but once she starts talking you would enjoy the meetings more.

The girls from the big cities usually speak English. Those who have got an education also know the language. However, the country girls do not know the language.

Even those who know English cannot talk in it fluently and this can act as a barrier in your dating life. You can take this as a challenge and help her in learning English. You can also give efforts and learn a little bit of Thai. There are plenty of free apps to learn Thai. You can take help from a dictionary or ask your girlfriend to pitch in whenever you get stuck.

This would help you to converse with her and also impress her parents when you meet them. They would be happy to know that you respect their language.

A word of caution here for those gullible guys who cannot identify hookers from good girls. It is better to not take her to expensive hotels or for shopping in the initial period. If she insists on visiting these places you should take that as a warning signal. Girls, who are after money usually try to fleece out money in shopping or may even ask for financial help on the pretext of illness of a family member. Needless to say, you need to stay away from these girls. Remember, that good girls from reputed families would never ask for money or expensive gifts.

Traveling to Bangkok – things to do

Traveling to a foreign country can be intimidating if you are alone. Tagging a friend along with you is a good idea. Not only you would get a company in a foreign land but also share the expenditure and have more fun. Before leaving for Bangkok, get your medical checkup done. Take vaccinations as per the suggestion of your doctor. Carry all your credentials along with you. Get some money converted into Thai currency before reaching Bangkok.

Make a budget for your trip. Consult your friends who have already visited Bangkok. You need money for accommodation, food, and conveyance and get an idea beforehand how much you need to spend on these heads. Your daily expenditure would depend on the place you choose to stay and eat. If you are okay with trying street foods and traveling in public transport, your expenditure would be less. Similarly, staying in budget hotels or choosing a backpackers hostel would be cheaper. Bangkok has plenty of options for staying. From five-star hotels to smaller ones, you would get a wide variety of accommodation to choose from.

We would advise you to read reviews before booking a hotel. Go through the feedback of the customers to make sure that you have chosen a safe and good place to stay. Knowing about the services offered in details would also save you from a lot of hassles later on.

Safety tips – how to enjoy your tour of Bangkok

There are a few general safety tips you should follow while you are in Bangkok. Choose a hotel in a good location. It is better to get your booking done in advance.

Bangkok sees a lot of tourists. The foreigners or “Farangs” in the local language are often targeted to fleece out money. The taxi drivers may take you for a ride and restaurants charge you exorbitantly. Do not carry extra cash and never flash your money. It is better to carry cards and use them for payments.

There would be a lot of people willing to help you on their own. If you feel fishy, just stay away. Believe your gut feeling in these matters.

Always wear a condom when having sex. You should be also cautious when visiting massage parlors or go-go bars as these are the places where most foreigners get conned.

When roaming around the city, choose the busy roads and alleys. Don’t venture out on your own. It may get risky. Bangkok is a safe city but there is no point in taking the risk.

Bangkok has a nice climate. You can visit it anytime you like. There are a number of international flights that connect Bangkok to major cities of the world. Plan your trip, pack your bags and hop on a flight. Maybe you would find your future wife in Bangkok. You should always think positive and keep your fingers crossed. In the meantime, enjoy in Bangkok and feed all your senses. There is plenty to do, see and eat in Bangkok.

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