Top 10 countries to find a Mail Order Bride

TOP 10 countries of Mail Order Brides

Western men and their popularity with foreign women

Foreign bridesAmerica and Europe are considered a heaven for most people of the East. They offer a high standard of living, that people in other parts of the world can only imagine. Apart from economic wealth, the liberty, freedom, job prospects and social security is also higher in this country. To most people, America means enjoying their lives. It stands for thrill, fun and everything you desire in life. The rest of the world has formed a stereotype of the American society and in particular its men and women. The Asian and other countries of the East have a different idea of white guys. To them, white males are rich, romantic, and easy going.

A western guy with a decent job and income are most sought after grooms in the oriental world. There are many women in these countries who desire white husbands. If you have any doubt of this, just visit any of these countries and you would know what I am saying. You can pick up girls easily and have a fantastic time. So, if you are looking for a foreign wife, it is time you try your luck. Chances are high that you would end up with the most gorgeous Filipina or Chinese woman and make all your friends jealous of your luck. Are you interested to date a foreign woman but don’t know from where to start? Here is the list of top 10 countries where women drool over western men.

10. Vietnam brides

How do you know Vietnam? Perhaps as a war-torn country. However, the country has many other things than a bloody past. The women, for example. Now, as a country Vietnam is poor. It doesn’t stand in comparison to America or any country of the western world. However, it is fighting back and trying to find its position in the global market. There are many contradictions in this social structure of Vietnam. On one hand, the women get a high education and are expected to join a profession. On the other hand, the society also expects them to be traditional and be submissive. Due to poverty, prostitution is high in this country and human trafficking is a serious threat.

Life in Vietnam is not easy. People have to work hard to make both ends meet. Naturally, the women also have to put in a lot of efforts. Being a traditional society, they have to take part in household chores. According to the Asian culture, taking care of the husband and his parents, raising kids and looking after the house are all responsibilities of the women. So, Vienamese women lead a tough life which makes them want to marry someone who can make their life easier.

Like men from other traditional societies, the Vietnamese also dominate the society. They abuse their women and often cheat on them. So, Vietnamese women suffer a lot by marrying the native men. When online dating was introduced to this country, the women joined in large numbers. Most of these women are educated and speak English. They are modern and fashionable. In fact, you would be amazed to see their sense of fashion. They stay in the cities and come in contact with the foreign men who visit their country as tourists. Vietnamese women are very friendly. Thus, the women make friends with foreign men easily. The exposure to white males has made them want them as husbands. They have found white guys friendly, romantic, caring and respectful. Hence, they get into relationships with these men and migrate to the west where they can lead a comfortable life. As more and more interracial marriages happened, more women started showing a deep interest in western men. They join mail order brides sites to find foreign husbands.

The best way to meet beautiful Vietnamese girls is to travel to this country. Vietnam is a lovely country with splendid landscapes. You would love your time here. If you want to try any mail order brides service, choose a reputable one as many scams operate in this field here.

9. Indonesian brides

Petite, fair, elegant, and faithful, Indonesian brides are surprisingly charming. Indonesian women are warm-hearted and like western males as their partners. The Indonesia has a patriarchal society. The men get a higher status in the family and hence the women feel downtrodden. Most Indonesian men treat their women badly. They disrespect them and never give them the priority the girls deserve. Thus, modern and educated Indonesian girls are wary of marrying their own men.

Indonesia being a favorite with western people as a tourist spot, witnesses a heavy influx of people throughout the year. The young and rich western males who visit Indonesia as tourist often date the native beauties. The Indonesian love the way the western males shower them with attention. They like romantic western guys who are jovial, carefree and a whole lot of fun to be with. The western men are better than the Indonesian men who are always dominating their wives. So, the Indonesian ladies not only date the men from the west but also marry them.

It is easy to marry a woman from Indonesia as most of them are enamored by the western guys. They aspire to live a life of comfort and a guy from America with a decent job and a house and a car back home is definitely a good catch.

In Indonesia, the girls are married off at an early age. It is the parent’s responsibility to find a suitable match for their daughters and get them settled in life. The parents look for a groom who can provide a secure life for their daughters. The age or the look don’t have a role here. Thus, a lot of marriages happen between young Vietnamese women and much older males. Needless to say, Indonesian women don’t have much freedom to go against their parents or their husbands. This is another reason why Indonesians prefer foreign males. The educated girls, who stay in the cities or the girls who have access to the internet, try to find foreign husbands on their own. They don’t mind marrying older men if they are settled in life. Thus, as an American guy, you have a high possibility of marrying an Indonesian beauty.

A trip to Bali, the most popular tourist spot in Indonesia can change your life forever. The country is affordable; you can spend a few months without putting a dent in your bank balance. Of course, you would be busy here meeting young and single Indonesian girls and enjoying the landscape.

However, one word of caution for you. To marry an Indonesian woman, you have to belong to the same religion. So, either be ready to convert to the bride’s religion or ask her to convert.

Since the family plays a great role in marriages here, you have to impress the parents first. If you like any girl from Indonesia, get acquainted with the parents and assure them that you can take care of their daughter. They would accept you eagerly and make you a part of their family.

So, being a western guy, you have a good prospect of having a hot Indonesian girl as your life partner.

8. Chinese brides

The land of dragons has fast emerged as the hotspot of international dating. Ever since China opened its economy to the outside world, it has been drawing attention on several counts. It has taken on the economic giants of the world and showed its mettle. It has proved that it can be a superpower. However, there is another field where it is also grabbing a lot of attention. Chinese women are winning hearts in the international dating world. Today, a high percentage of interracial marriages happen between western men and Chinese girls.

When it comes to choosing life partners, Chinese girls are showing a clear preference for white males. The young girls from the cities are showing interest in the western guys who are settled in China or the ones whom they meet while studying in the USA or working there.

The increase in interest in white men can be attributed to their physical and mental characteristics. The white men are perceived as romantic, caring and humorous. Chinese girls like the way the Americans take care of themselves. They are tall, handsome and good in bed. The way Americans protect their own rights and show respect to others attract the Chinese girls. Moreover, dating a white man is often seen as a symbol of status.

The modern and city dwelling Chinese ladies are excited by the idea of dating a foreign  man. The wealth of the American men and the standard of living in America is another draw for some single Chinese girls.

There is another group of girls who want to date Americans to get a taste of their lifestyle. They are curious about America and take dating a man from this country another opportunity to know the country.

Whatever be the reason, we can’t deny the fact that dating a Chinese woman excites the western men also. The petite, fair, elegant and sweet Chinese ladies find it easy to impress the western males. They have a go-getter attitude that makes them charming. The girls who live in the cities are highly educated and ambitious about their professional life. They love to travel and meet new people. Most of them speak English which makes it easy for them to mix with Americans.

Most of these girls are modern and love to wear western clothes. They are exposed to western lifestyle and find it exciting. They get into relationships with foreign males whom they find suitable. These interracial relationships usually become successful as the man and woman find ideal partners in each other.

Women who live in the villages lead a different life in China. They are mostly poor with little education. Most of them cannot speak English also. However, these China girls also want a foreign husband as they are lured by the prospect of a good life in the west. They become mail order brides to find suitable matches.

If you are traveling to China for work or entertainment, rest assured you would meet plenty of attractive girls. These girls are good at conversations. You would enjoy their company too. If you are looking for a mail order bride from China, try Asian dating.

Being a white male makes you a lucky chap in China. You can date beautiful Chinese girls and even marry one.

7. Brazilian brides

How do you know Brazil? For its carnivals, soccer fans or salsa? Chances are high that you know it for its beautiful women. Full of chutzpah and a love for life, Brazilian women are very attractive. The best thing about these sexy lasses is that they love western males too.

As a country, Brazil is very exciting. It has beautiful beaches, fantastic landscapes, and friendly people. The women of Brazil are popular on online dating sites for their physical beauty and a zest for life. They look for foreign husbands especially white males as they consider men from west to be ideal partners.

Brazil belongs to the Latin world. Its society is traditional. The women learn to cook, take care of the house and keep it neat and clean. They are attentive to the needs of their men.

Brazilian women like the way how western men shower their wives with attention. They respect the women and always stand for personal rights. This impresses the women who like their men to be chivalrous. Thus, Brazilian women show a keen interest in marrying western guys and settling down with them.

Women from Brazil are loyal. Their traditional upbringing makes them faithful to their husbands. They are religious also. Although they wear modern clothes, maintain many friends and love to enjoy their life, once they commit themselves, they become faithful for their whole life.

Thus, having a Brazilian wife is a blessing. Most American men also prefer to date Brazilian girls because of their sex appeal and strong characters. They make good wives. You may visit Brazil on your next vacation and date a few hot Brazilian girls.

Being from America, you can easily impress them with your sense of humor and good looks. Make sure to marry the ideal bride from this beautiful land and take her back home.

6. Russian brides

Russian bridesIt is unlikely that you have met a Russian woman and not liked her. Such is the attraction of the tall, slim, fair and extremely pretty girls of Russia that there is hardly any man who doesn’t love them. What would melt your heart is that Russian girls also like western males like you. In fact, women from Russia and Ukraine were among the first to marry western males through online dating.

The socio-economic condition of Russia made the women choose foreign husbands. The Russian men are generally alcoholic and misbehave with women. They are patriarchs and never take care of their wives. The educated and practical Russian women don’t like being ill-treated by the men. They also want to be happy in their married life. They looked forward to raising their kids in the right way. Hence they decide to look for good matches from elsewhere.

The women from Russia find western guys sensitive and romantic. They are also convinced that only white guys from the west could assure them of a secure life. Thus, Russian ladies show their preference for the males from America and other western countries.

Today, most Russian girls speak English and have traveled a lot, they are well aware of the lifestyle in America. They are choosing American men as their life partners as they want a happy and romantic relationship. They want a secure life for themselves and their children too.

As an American guy, choosing a Russian bride would be a good decision for you. If you want you can meet single Russian women through online dating sites or mail order brides services. The right Russian woman with her sensitivity, mental strength, and interesting personality would bring joy and love in your life.

5. Colombian brides

Single Colombian girlsLet’s move on to another Latin country that is famous for hot girls. Latinas from Colombia are known for their good figures and sex appeal. They are lively and fun to be with. Colombian women love to wear fashionable dresses, expensive shoes, and makeup. They love to party, drink and enjoy their lives. However, amidst all the fun and frolic, they look for long-term relationships. When it comes to choosing their life partners, they show a preference for white males from western countries.

Colombian girls are quite intelligent. They know that guys from their countries won’t give them the attention they seek. These women want to enjoy their lives like the Americans do and hence look for American guys as husbands. Being educated and beautiful, they find it easy to attract white men. The Colombian society is traditional by values. The country still upholds the importance of family and marriage. Thus, the women also give priority to their relationships. They make good wives with their loyal nature. Moreover, they are hard working. Since they are brought up under hardships, they find it easier to adapt to a foreign culture. After marriage, most of them migrate to America and settle down with their foreign husbands.

Marrying a Colombian woman is easier if you are a white guy from America. You can visit the country and spend your vacations there. This would help you to learn about the women and what they want from men. You can also take help from online dating sites to meet hundreds of young Colombians who sign up for foreign husbands.

4. Mexican brides

Ever wondered how would it be to date a Mexican girl ? Fantastic, let me assure you. Yes, the hot girls from Mexico make excellent dating partners. The best thing is they are also interested in having partners from the western countries.

Mexican women with their slim bodies, sexy legs, and superb complexion are some of the hottest girls on earth. They are known for their beauty, sex appeal and a sense of fashion. Having a Mexican girlfriend would make any man jealous of you.

The best thing about dating a Mexican girl is that the country being located close to America, you can travel easily. You can even stay there and continue to work for the same company. Mexico has lovely weather, some of the best beaches in the world and a cuisine that makes everyone go gaga.

Single Mexican women are aware of the opportunities available in the USA. They love the lifestyle of the west and are eager to settle there. This makes them want to marry western guys. They find western males romantic and respectful.

If you marry a Mexican girl, you can bring her home or get settled in her country. Mexico is an affordable country and both of you can lead a comfortable life there.

3. Ukrainian brides

The country is still going through a political turmoil which makes its women look for foreign husbands with whom they can settle abroad. The young and ambitious Ukrainian women feel attracted towards men from the west as they find them mature and romantic. Western males show respect to the ladies and also compliment them. This impresses the Ukrainian girls.

Ukrainian women who are young and educated seldom find suitable matches from their own community. The divorced women with kids find it harder to find men to remarry. Thus, these women try online dating to find grooms from other countries. Although there are scams that swindle money from westerners, most Ukrainians are loyal and genuine.

Visiting Ukraine and meeting the girls in person would be a better idea to stay away from scams. You can know the girls better and their families too. With their intelligence, beauty, and mental strength, women from Ukraine make good wives. Having a Ukrainian bride would change your life for good.

2.  Philippine brides

Here is a country that is known as a paradise for its visitors. Absolutely enchanting with its physical features, the Philippines attract a lot of tourists. Today, it has emerged as a major sex tourist destination with bars, pubs and massage parlors mushrooming all over the cities.

Having sex with the gorgeous Filipinas is easy. However, there are many young Filipinas who want western guys as their husbands. These women are educated and serious about life. If you are interested in Filipinas, you need to decide whether you are seeking sexual excitement or a life partner. For sex and thrill, visiting the bars and pubs in Manila is enough. However, if you have marriage in your mind, head to the lesser known towns and the villages. You may also meet Filipino women on Filipina dating websites. Philippines women are beautiful with flawless skin, dark hair and a charming smile. They are jovial and friendly in nature. They easily make friends with foreigners and love to spend time with them.

A Filipina wife makes a gorgeous life partner. She would fill your life with laughter, warmth, and happiness. She would be a loyal wife and encourage you to do better in life. With her dedication, she would win your heart and never betray you.

1. Thai brides

Thailand is a country that continues to enchant people with its lifestyle, culture, and women. For years, people from the west have been traveling to this Asian country to experience its culture and tradition. Buddhism is the major religion of Thailand which makes it a compassionate country. Thai ladies are happy, laid back and religious.

In the recent past, Thailand has earned fame as a sex tourist destination. Young men from the west flock to it to meet its stunning women.  Thai girls living in the cities like Bangkok and Phuket are used to getting attention from the western tourists. They love to spend time with the men and enjoy themselves. While moving around the streets of Bangkok you would easily get mobbed by groups of young Thai girls who are ready to satisfy all your sexual fantasies. If spending time with these women is not your cup of tea, head to Chiang Mai for a peaceful stay. Here the girls are more serious who are interested in marriages. In fact, most of these single Thai girls look for husbands from overseas countries as they consider these men to be more suitable than the native guys. Single Thai girls make friends with the tourists and get into long-term relationships if they find the men interesting. Some women join Asian dating sites to find their grooms.

The Thai men are patriarchal in nature. The society is regressive towards women. The women are expected to do all household work. The men often cheat on their wives. Having two wives is also common in this society. Thai women who are exposed to the western culture, like the way women earn respect. Hence they want to marry foreign men and lead a happy life.

There are a lot of women from the countryside who marry foreign guys and move out of Thailand. The Thai brides are charming, cute and pretty. They are usually short with lovely figures. Their tanned complexion, beautiful eyes and the alluring smile make them so endearing.

Thai girls are simple and hardworking. They are raised with the Buddhist value system. They never shout or quarrel in public. Showing respect is a part of Thai culture. Even when disagreeing, people speak mildly. Marrying a Thai woman is the best thing that can happen to a western guy.

Thai women usually bring peace and stability in the lives of their husbands. They are soft-spoken, gentle, and loyal and at the same time tough. The gender roles are pronounced in Thailand and hence the women don’t mind taking care of the family.

Most Thai women teach discipline and respect to their children. Western men who marry girls from Thailand lead a happy and joyful life.

The number of interracial marriages is increasing steadily. If you study the people who join international dating you would find that most women are from Latin America, Asia, and eastern European countries while the men are mainly from America and other western countries.

Western men look for foreign brides as the western women have become less interested in long-term commitment. Most western women concentrate more on their career than the family. Having a family and spending time on it prevents them from fully focusing on their careers. Some of them don’t even want to have children. They are more concerned with their own gratification. The men are unable to find suitable wives in their own country and hence look in foreign countries.

In the case of the women, the situation is different. The women from Asian countries are not given equal rights in the society. The men take all the major decisions and the women are expected to follow them. The women are denied the right to choose their own husbands or when to have children. In some societies, the women are married off at an early age. The educated women who have become self-dependent are not eager to follow the age-old traditions. They want an equal position in the society and speak against the regressive norms.

The emancipated women of these countries choose their own grooms. They settle for foreign husbands as their ideals match with the modern men from the West. They travel to different countries for studies and jobs and get into relationships with men they meet there. Some resort to online dating to find their own partners. As more and more women are exercising their power, they are opting for interracial marriages.

So, if you are also looking for a loving and caring wife with a matching mentality, go for a foreign bride.

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